The 2009 National Master was held in PEI and hosted by the Prince Edward Island Retriever Club.

2009 Entries Callbacks and Qualifiers

2009 Series Descriptions

The judges for the 2009 event were:
I would like to congratulate all participants and their dogs for qualifying for the 2009 National Master Hunt Test. Training and handling a dog to this level is a great accomplishment in itself. One that I and, I am sure, my co-judges appreciate.

I encourage all qualified dog/handler teams to participate in the 2009 Master National. I pledge to work together with my co-judges to design tests that are fair, realistic and that showcase the strengths of the dogs.

I have been training dogs competitively for over thirty years; first in obedience and later in all aspects of retriever trials. I enjoy running in and judging WC’S, Field trials, Hunt tests, and showcase events such as the Toronto Sportsmen Show’s Golden Whistle.

My accomplishments in the hunt test area are OTCH Kelly’s Riley MH WCX QFTR, the first Master Hunter in Ontario, and NMH GMH Boston Creek’s Chase MH CD WCX, the youngest dog to compete in the first Master National and a qualifier in the first licensed Canadian Master National.

Participating in Master Nationals is an enjoyable experience. I wish all a good time and a week to remember.


Bruce Kelly
My wife Trish and I purchased our first Golden Retriever while living in Saskatoon in 1996 at which time we joined the Saskatoon Retriever Club. I immediately started to participate in hunt tests and developed a passion for the sport. This led to judging & organizing hunt tests in Saskatoon and Winnipeg where we now reside. I have been a member of the Manitoba Gun Dog Association since 2004. I have had the pleasure of owning five golden retrievers since I began in the dog world and have obtained two master hunt titles as well as a Grand Master Hunt.

Being an extremely active waterfowl hunter I believe that hunt tests should be set up and judged as close to actual hunting situations as possible. The Master Hunt is the top of the game and I believe it should be a challenging but fair event.

I am very excited and honored to have been selected along with my co-judges to judge the 2009 National Master Hunt Test in PEI. I look forward to working together with Tracey and Bruce as well as the Prince Edward Island Retriever Club and all the competitors to make the 2009 National Master an exciting and memorable experience for everyone.

Good Luck to all the participants.

Dewayne Hay

I was born in Moncton, and received my veterinary degree from the University of Prince Edward Island. I am looking forward to “coming home” and judging the 2009 event.

I have been a practicing veterinarian for over 16 years and currently own and operate Pacific Animal Wellness Services, a canine rehabilitation centre on Vancouver Island.

I started in dogs in 1994 after meeting and marrying my husband. Between us, we have been breeding and competing with Labradors under the “Cedarbrae” prefix since 1982. After 14 years, I enjoy participating at all levels of retriever competitions and still find myself learning something new every day. I enjoy judging at both the Master Hunt level and in the Qual, but love judging the new dogs and their handlers in junior and senior the most.

I have trained 2 Master Hunters (one closing in on his GMH) and have put a working title on every dog I have owned. Being an avid hunt test and field trial competitor, together with the fact that we hunt birds with all of our dogs every fall has given me an appreciation for a good marking dog that can be calm and quiet in the blind.

I am currently President of the Pacific Rim Hunting Retriever Club on southern Vancouver Island and work as an obedience trainer with the Cowichan Obedience Club focusing on competition obedience. I look forward to meeting all those who participate this year and wish you all the best over the week.

Tracey Griffin




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