The 2007 event was held near Brighton ON. 
Judges were:
Zone 1 - Maritimes & Quebec - Brian Dempsey, Moncton NB

I have lived in rural New Brunswick in a small place called Pine Glen all my life. I recently retired from Canada Post after 35 years service. I'm presently President of the Moncton Retriever Club.

I've hunted since I was 16 years old and I took up duck hunting 17 years ago when I got a Labrador pup for nothing. I soon learned that you get just what you pay for. I tried for two years to get the dog to retrieve and finally I went to Ontario and brought back a field trial blood line and have been hooked ever since.

I trained the female pup with help from people in the Moncton Retriever Club; three years later I began judging field trials. I kept a puppy from my first dog and when the puppy was five months old I put her in a NAHRA Hunt test to give her some experience. That was her first pass, I went on to a Master Hunter in the NAHRA and on July 22nd 2001 she made Grand Master Hunter in the CKC hunt test. Her name is GMH Just Plain Anny.

I've been running and judging hunt tests for the last 13 years. I like to judge

dogs and see good dog work. I have always believed in giving the dog the benefit of the doubt. I like to set up challenging tests with no tricks. I also like to see the handler and dog work as a team. I would like to wish all the participants good luck and I hope myself and my co- judges show you a challenging and successful week at the FIRST OFFICIAL MASTER NATIONAL.

Brian Dempsey
Zone 3 - Prairies - Garry Taylor, Saskatoon SK

I am honoured to have been asked to judge the first CKC approved Master National Hunt test in Canada and I am looking forward to helping to make this event a memorable experience for all participants.

I was responsible for bringing the first CKC Hunt tests to Western Canada and I have been active as a judge, event chairman and competitor for many years. I participate in both Hunt tests and Field trials and together with my wife Sue I have trained 4 dogs to the MH title and one GMH . I am also an avid bird hunter and when judging hunt tests I try to develop realistic hunting scenarios that demonstrate the advantages of having a well trained dog along on a hunt.

I like to watch dogs who are enthusiastic and who exhibit courage, intelligence and a good nose. Dogs and handlers should also work well together as a team. I would like to encourage all qualified dog/handler teams to participate in the 2007 Master National. I pledge to work together with my co-judges to design tests that are fair, realistic and that showcase the strengths of the dogs.

Garry Taylor
Zone 4 - West - Susan Endersby, Kamloops BC

I watched my first Field Trial in the spring of 1987 and was totally amazed at what the dogs could do. I got my first dog that fall and went on to learn the sport of Field trialing. Soon after I started to judge, I found that setting up tests was something that I really enjoyed.

The Kamloops Gun Dog club, the club to which I belong, hosted the first CKC Hunt test in BC in 1996. I co-judged that one and over the years have seen a great improvement and growth in the sport.

I have trained 3 dogs to their Master Hunter title and really enjoy the excitement of the Master tests. It is a title that anyone can be very proud of. When I set up tests I like to challenge the dogs fairly with "hunt like" scenarios and good use of the land.

I would like to wish everyone "Good Luck" and happy hunting.

Susan Endersby



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