Ross Peden

Ray Bester

Clifford Romain

Ross Peden

I'd like to welcome all participants to the first Canadian National event will be the first of many and that the "Master National" will encourage accomplished trainers and their Hunting dogs to remain in, and support the Canadian hunt test program. I first became involved with retrievers as a teenager. I started training retrievers competitively in the late 80's and ran my first Black Lab "Mick" in NAHRA Hunt Tests and Field Trials.
My second dog Babe is a Master Hunter with several Open All Age FT placings. Although primarily a Field Trialer, I have supported the CKC Hunt Test program since it's inception. As a judge I prefer to see "what the dogs CAN DO, rather than what they can't". I would like to wish all handlers good luck and hope all involved have an enjoyable week


Ray Bester

  • Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario
  • One of eight children, have been accused of not being the brightest one in the litter

  • Married with two grown boys,(test proved that they are both mine.)

Being an avid duck hunter, I learned very early in life that a retriever is essential, since my nose wasn't that good and I lost more ducks than I found.


  • Bought my first retriever in 1977(Black Lab.)
  • Started dog training in 1977 under the guidance of Peter Wyckoff.
  • Ran my first field trial in 1978 and took a first in a 42 dog puppy stake. (I was hooked.)
  • Have had judging assignments in both field trials and hunt tests over the years. I have progressed to judging Amateur, Open and Master Hunter.

I have always had high-flying dogs that think they can walk on water, but I was fortunate they were eager to learn. I have had the pleasure of finishing a Black Lab female with a Grand Master Hunter and achieved this without a collar.

I strongly believe that a retriever is essential for the preservation of game, They are also a great companion in the marsh and in the field. Besides on trips they don't constantly ask are we there yet, or argue that you should have stopped and asked someone for directions. (That's my wife's job).

I would like to thank the Master National Committee for the opportunity of judging the Master National in 2005.


Clifford Romain


My name is Clifford Romain. I am 61 years old. My wife, Helen, and I have been married 36 years. We have two adult daughters and 5 grandchildren. We live in Northwestern Kentucky. I retired from ALCOA in 1996. My wife and I operate a kennel, Sunny Dawn Retrievers, and I am a partner in a hunting club, High Ground Hunt Club, which offers deer, turkey, dove and water foul hunting. These two businesses keep both of us very busy.

I have had Golden Retrievers since the late 70's. We now own two Golden Retrievers and two Labrador Retrievers. We also professionally train full time now. My wife and I competed in obedience with our early Goldens and it wasn't until the mid 80's that we met some members of the Central Ky. Retriever club, which had just been formed, and learnt about the hunt test program. We became active in the club almost immediately. We have both held offices with the CKRC club and also the UKC HRC that we are members of. I have been judging both since the early 90's. I have also had the privilege of judging the 2004 fall HRC Grand hunt and the 2005 HRC spring Grand hunt.

Having been an avid hunter most of my life and now a partner in a hunt club I know how important it is to have a well trained retriever by your side. They truly are our hunting partners.

All of the attributes that I expect of a dog that hunts with me daily are those of the master level dog.

In the Master retriever I look for a dog that will respond correctly to its handlers commands, sit quietly and patiently until it is release to retrieve or honor the hunt of another retriever, shows desire and will continue its hunt regardless of the circumstances it encounters. Most of all I want a dog that will save me from my biggest fault, lack of memory.

I feel honored to have been asked to judge the Canadian Master National. I will do my best to help set up a challenging and fair test for your retrievers. I expect this to be a most pleasurable experience for me and I hope that will also be the case for you as well.

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