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Overview - Day 4

Day 4 - Description of Test 5

Series 5 - land delayed quad with blind

Test Dogs:

Female - Ginander Abby Pride WCX MH - Shannon - handled by Phyllis Anderson

Male - EDDYSTONE TAKE A GANDER WCX CD MH - Gander - handled by Tim Marshall

Honorary Bye Dog - Redlion's hit Doctor MH - Joe - handled by Jane Pappler

Test dogs ran at 10:30 am

First working Dog at 11:00 am -Dog #10 CH WYNFLAT'S CONSEQUENCE FREE CAN/AM MH, WCX - Quen - handled by Heather Stewart

Day 4 began somewhat later due to the lateness of the tests the day before. The test consisted of a delayed quad in a field with relatively high cover which had been thinned in spots.

The first bird down was straight out from the line landing to the right of a bush. The second bird was thrown from right to left to the right of the first bird. The dog was released and on his way back with the first bird a diversion shot [bird #3 ] was thrown. After picking up the diversion, bird # 4 - to the left of the first bird was thrown into the edge of heavy cover from left to right.

After picking up the marks, the dog was then asked to run a blind - to the left of the bush from which the first bird wa thrown. The judges had cautioned handlers that there was a porcupine in the bush and that they should be wary of their dogs entering the bush. All but one dog managed to avoid the porcupine.

At the end of this series, only one dog was dropped and the other 14 handlers and their dogs retired to the house for the ribbon award ceremonies and some well deserved champagne.


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