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Overview - Day 2

Day 2 - Description of Test

water Triple with Blind & Honour

Test Dogs:

Female - NFTCH AFTCH Dippomarsh Kerensa O' Carronade MH - Carenza - handled by Rosalind Pentecost

Male - HR TAMSU'S GOLDEN KEEPSAKE MH WCX CDX AGN - Keeper - handled by Lorraine Hare

Test dogs ran at 10:00 am

First working Dog at 10:51

Day two dawned bright and cool but evolved into another summer scorcher by late morning. Our second test, a water triple and a blind, was at Mallard Pond with a substantial walk in along the dike. Contestants, dogs, workers and judges all suffered through a long, hot day that began at 10:00 am and finished at 6:30 pm.

The gallery was in for a treat today test dog female was none other than NFTCH AFTCH Dippomarsh Kerensa O' Carronade MH who, at 10 years of age, demonstrated her considerable talents by running an initial test and then a revised one.

All birds were thrown left to right with a wind that varied from in your face to slightly left to right. The first bird was the longest, a hand throw from a canoe to a small island. The second bird was the closest bird, a long winger from a larger island to a spot behind some logs. The third bird was the middle mark of this in line triple and, again, was a winger from an island to a spot behind some logs and greenery. The entire scenario was further complicated as it was a remote send from inside a well-secured boat at the shore with the handlers standing at the bow. The boat entry presented very little problem for most dogs but a left to right wind meant some dogs scented the left hand mark on their way to the middle go bird.

At the completion of the mark, a blind was planted under the arc of the left bird with a line kissing the large island then passing over a small grassy island. The blind was located behind a log and, although it was a mere 80 yds., proved to be a problem for a number of dogs. Dogs dropped in this series were: #5, 17, 32.


View from Line of Marks

View from Line to Blind


The day concluded with a well-attended Workers' Party held at the Grand Valley Community Centre. Socializing, the swapping of lies, good food, a few cold beverages all the necessary components of a successful field dinner were in place. The raffle table was laden with many outstanding items including two electric collars, a Bumper Boy, several signed Peter Ferin prints, a waxed cotton coat, a professional training gift certificate, a .17 calibre Savage rifle, a carved decoy, an aluminum bird carrier and many, many more. The major raffle prizes were also drawn and the winners were as follows:

•  14ft canoe won by Mark Edwards

•  Pro 500 collar won by Rheal Bourgeois

•  Uplander remote system by John Chevalier

Two representatives from Quaker Boy Game Calls were in attendance and put on an educational lesson in calling. Chief Marshal Ann Steer and Judge Ross Peden took to the floor and attempted to out blow each other. The presenting of worker's pins was also done with heartfelt thank yous all around for the many, many workers who made the week possible. The evening concluded with music and dancing, done with particular enthusiasm by Team Tennessee and Team Flat Coat.


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