Canadian Master National- Maître Nationale Canadien



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Land Triple with Blind & Honour

Test dogs ran at 10:00 am

First working Dog at 10:51

Test Dogs:

Honorary Test Dog - FTCH/AFTCH Amani's Wynfield Ace the Hole MH - Ping - handled by Heather Stewart

Female - Madison 5th Avenue - Maddie - handled by Henry Goeree

Male - CH Quillquest Utterly Kaotic Am/Can CDX, Am/Can MH - Havoc - handled by Ann Steer

The day dawned cool and bright, though it did get quite warm as the day went on. The judges elected to set a test in a clover field with a wind change as a consideration for their set up. A few glitches delayed the start but the playing of the US and Canadian national anthems signaled the start of the inaugural Canadian Master National.

The first test was a triple with blind and an honour. First bird down was thrown right to left by a winger from heavy cover to the edge of the clover field, the bird landing in substantial cover. Just down the field in the same heavy cover was the second winger whose throw was in the same direction but longer and with an in-throw angle. Both birds generated their own fair share of answers, with some dogs having difficulty in determining the depth of field of the second bird in particular. Over running on bird #2 usually resulted in handlers having to toot their dogs back in to the mark. The right to left wind meant the first bird down was usually easier for dogs who "ran at the gun" but most dogs who ran outside the mark and may have run deep recovered and came up with the bird. The go bird was thrown from a winger set to the left of the line and falling in the middle of many large goose decoys. The go bird was fairly straight forward, though some dogs were impressed by the many goose shells.

After picking up the marks, the dogs retired to a holding blind while the blind was being planted, The blind was through the decoys at approximately 100 yds. Most dogs were successful though the marks and the decoys did affect some. All dogs were called back except for the unfortunate #4 whose exuberance led to a controlled break.

sketch by Peter Ferin




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