1st Master National a big success!!

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At the presentation of ribbons many people were thanked for all their help. However, there were several whose efforts although much appreciated were not acknowledged. A big thank you goes to all the Assistant Marshals, Heather Stewart, Elizabeth Cardinal, Rosalind Pentecost and Nan Taylor. Equipment Manager Henry Goeree was indispensable. Then there were the workers, those who were sometimes co-opted into helping even though they just came to watch. Their energies and efforts should not go unrecognized. In no particular order, many thanks to: Larry Coe, Mike Cardinal, Rob Jones, Dennis Ritchie, Joe Bourgeois, Klaus Miller, Tim Matthews, Mike Stockford, Peter Ferins, Tom Robbins, Dwayne Cook, Jeff Bryson, Peter Wyckoff

Thank you - you helped to make the 1st Master National the big success that it was.


last update: 2005-09-15